Friday, February 24, 2006

hurrah for the weekend

This one contains knitting and an essay. And probably some other stuff. And the essay may trump the knitting.

Have a good weekend, whatever you do.

And just so there's something interesting for me to find on Monday morning, tell me your plans for the weekend. What exciting things does your life contain?

Gosh, I sound like a Radio 1 DJ. Sort of.

ta ta til then.


HP said...

Well i'm possibly buying ingredients for pancakes depending on whether i can make them without weighing scales!!! and whether my friend has scales.
Also i'm going to rearrange my room and hopefully make it look less empty and uninviting and maybe give myself a double bed!!
Have a good one.

Debs said...

the problem with putting two beds together is when you fall down the middle! You could try putting the mattresses (is that spelt right?) across instead of down the beds.
Anyway, we are cleaning up the house and I went and saw N this (I want to say morning, but it was actually) afternoon.
Tommorow I'll be at church - hurrah. I haven't been to City Church for ages because of being in London. Tihs is very long for a comment, it probably ought to be a post on my own blog. oh well.
hope the essay went well Bekki (on my laptop?!)

Monkey Pask said...

Hi Pigwat
We still miss you and your beautiful knitted clothes!
I am still carrying the baby round - will send a little pic once he / she pops out

Pig wot flies said...

Hi Monkeypask! I'm coming home this coming weekend, so I'll be at Jubilee on Sunday to say hello.

dotun said...

hey, its good to have u back at jubilee church next weekend. unfortunately i wont be there........south london agian.
have a nice time.

Nathan said...

I went skiing!! Go on - ask me if any part of my body hurts. Go on.

It was great though - I spent much of it on my ar$e, of course, but then what can one expect? I'd only been once before. Definitely going again, though =o)

Pig wot flies said...

Ooh skiing. Pain! I tried skiing once, on a fake slope in Wales and I was terrible. Couldn't cope with leaning forward all the time and kept falling over.
I like the word skiiing though. There aren't many other commonly used words with consecutive 'i's. Radii, obviously. Any more?

Nathan said...

Yeah, apparently those fake slopes are much worse than real snow, which is less abrasive and has more sort of give in it.

A contraption that prints several copies of something at once might possibly be capable of "multiimpression", I suppose, but I'm scraping the barrel rather already. We'll just have to wait until Nayf turns up and tells us the answer.

Mary deB said...

Multiinstrumentalist. I worked for a paper which published it like that, although I, the copy-editor, wanted a hyphen.