Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I love radio co-op

It's so unexpectedly entertaining. I went into the Co-op on my way home last night to buy potatoes (it was cold and windy and I had a craving for sausage and mash with gravy). The tannoy system was playing Dreadlock Holiday by 10cc. Interesting, I thought. Then the song finished and I heard the unmistakable plinks of the beginning of Bjork's Venus as a Boy. A grin slowly crept across my face and I found myself staying in the shop and buying a few more things just to hear the whole song and find out what came next (something I couldn't identify). Perhaps that's why they do it. Anyway, whenever I go in a Co-op there's almost always something unexpectedly good playing on the instore radio. In the last few weeks I've heard

Bob Dylan - Like a Rollin' Stone
Amy Winehouse - Stronger than me
The Foundations - Build me up Buttercup
The Beatles - Drive my car
The Bangles - Walk like an Egyptian

And that's just the ones I can remember. It's the randomness of the selection that gets me. You never know what's coming next and they're (nearly) all quality tunes.


HP said...

Yeah i love it too. A couple of times i've been thinking or talking about a particular song i haven't heard for ages, go into co-op and low and behold, its playing!!!

rachael said...

i love me some bob dylan. :)

Nathan said...

Oh absolutely. Once I was in the Co-op on Moorland Road in Bath, right, and I was walking towards the milk fridge, and I saw a lady also walking towards the milk fridge, and we happened to catch each other's eye and realised that we were *both* miming along to "Money Can't Buy Me Love" by the Beatles. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I saw something in the co-op that it will be available online.