Wednesday, February 08, 2006

pointless 1980s UK-centric trivia

Did you that Charles Collingwood (Brian in The Archers) voiced Wordy in Look and Read?

Given that to appreciate this you have to
a) be about the same age as me
b) be British
c) have watched Look and Read at school
and d) know enough about The Archers to know who Brian is,
this piece of trivia is probably only of interest to about one member of the audience of this blog, but never mind, it amused me.


Debs said...

ok, so how did you work that one out then? You make me laugh.
I link the link though!

Liz said...

I think he said this on 'That Reminds Me' which was repeated not so long ago - and told an anecdote about having to do a sex scene with a younger actress who was somewhat unnerved to find that she was about to get into bed with Wordy... Love him as Brian Aldridge...

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