Wednesday, January 04, 2006

another newbie

I've just discovered Adrian's been spawning blog-children again. Dave Routledge has a blog. It's small so far, but I expect it will grow and hopefully he'll post some more of his brilliant photos too.

There are now several bloggers from Jubilee church. How exciting! But so far the boys are outnumbering the girls, as they seem to in the wider blogosphere. Why is that? Come on girls, you've got things to say too!


Dave Routledge said...

Hi Bekki
I couldn't agree more, it would be fantastic to hear from more women. I am sure Nicky speaks more sense than I do.

I think the male thing is probably linked to "boys toys".

Glad to hear you are enjoying Cambridge.

God bless

Dotun said...

i think im back on board after a long break