Monday, January 30, 2006

maybe it's just mondays I don't like

I would happily run back to bed right now, but I'm at work and there are things to do.

Quick post and then I'll be good.

I did go and see Narnia on Saturday (on my own, which I rather like) and I liked it a lot. Yes, there were lots of little changes from the book, but that's what happens when you make a film. Books and films are different animals. The scene leading up to Aslan's death got as near to making me cry as anything ever does. (Unlike my mother who cries at ANYTHING vaguely sad, I never cry at films. Books very occasionally.) There's one line "But let him first be shaved!" that always makes me squirm with horror and sadness at the humiliation of it.

Tilda Swinton's Jadis is a huge improvement on the pantomime villain of the BBC version (although I really don't understand why she wears such oddly shaped dresses. In one she looks positively deformed.) There's something very chilling about her offhand nastiness and the way she changes abruptly from soft-voiced flattery to anger.

I have an essay to write, which is at least half done. More than that if you're counting words, but it needs some pummelling into shape.

Tomorrow is the first work event for which I'm partly responsible. I think I've checked everything which can be checked. The one thing I can't check is how many people are going to turn up. I'll let you know how it goes.


Catez said...

Ah! You had similar observations. I thought Tilda Swinton's range was amazing - as you say - the way she went from flattery to anger. I thought she was scary in the sword fighting because she was so hard and resolute looking.
I enjoyed the movie - and yes, books aren't films and are always different.

rachael said...

yeah, the white witch was quite spectacularly played by tilda. her apathy toward the kids was startling, really.

and hey! you changed the name of my blog and everything in your links. how awesome. :-)

i could watch narnia over and over and over again - it only gets better. well, so far i've only seen it twice, but i could see it every day and not get tired of it.