Friday, January 20, 2006

the long clay noses

It's nearly the end of week three of my new job. This week has been a busy one, both in and outside work. I've done lots of things for the first time - met up with other knitters, been to a new choir, been to a new church small group, put an advert in a major science journal, cycled along 60mph roads (I wasn't going that fast, obviously).

I'm tired, but happy with how things are going. I'm not what you'd call settled, I still get lonely and am only just starting to make some friends. I hope as days turn into weeks turn into months, Cambridge will become home.


Elly said...

I don't get the long clay noses bit?

Pig wot flies said...

It's an in joke with myself. There's a song by Sir Arthur Sullivan called 'The Long Day Closes'. I sung it with Corpus Chamber choir once. Its alternative title, according to Pip, who also sang in the choir, was 'The Long Clay Noses'.

elly said...

OK. I think I understand now. Something about the way your brain works.