Monday, January 23, 2006

not a good day

Today has not been a good day and I can't really put my finger on a reason why. I have things to do, but I'm not really getting anywhere with them. My first actual event is in a week and a day. I don't seem to be doing anything towards making it happen. I probably should. I've sent out lots of posters, so presumably some people will see them and come. The room is booked, the food is probably booked. Perhaps I should look into this a bit more.

I think I'm missing a sense of purpose. I turn up at work not really have much sense of my goals for the day, the week, the next few weeks. This is partly because everything is so new. I need to do some planning.

This is turning into a really boring post isn't it. Sorry, just me working stuff out by writing it down. It sometimes helps.

Anything exciting happen this weekend? I went shopping, bought a suitcase, a grey jumper (I can't quite believe I managed to buy something that isn't pink red or purple. Still, it is for work.) some CDs (Franz Ferdinand, Nick Cave, Nick Drake, haven't listened to them yet). Saturday night was a Burns Night concert in Debbie's village, which was fun, very silly but well-sung.

Sunday was church, lunch at a work colleague's house and lots of knitting. I spent the coffee time after church talking to lots of students, which was lovely, but did make me feel old. (That's City Church btw. In the end I decided it felt like home and since I don't really want to go back to being an Anglican, there wasn't anywhere else I fancied going, so I'll stick with it) I don't yet seem to have met anyone of my age bracket yet, i.e. post-student, working, single. Early days. Church never seems long enough to get to know people. There's no general gathering of people to go off to lunch somewhere. I am not patient. I want everything to happen right now, but friendships take time and effort. Time to start inviting people over to lunch. It would be good to have a reason to cook properly. I don't often seem to have time, especially not in the week, and this weekend I got cooked for on Saturday and Sunday, so didn't really get chance to cook anything interesting.

Shall I bike home or get the bus? It was very cold on my way in, which is probably a good reason to bike. Cycling is cold, but standing at the bus stop is colder.

There you go, some of the contents of my brain at this moment. Is it too boring? Will anyone comment? Go on, say hello.


Rosie said...

did you see that research saying that 23 January is officially the most miserable day of the year, Xmas over, spring not yet on its way...
Any chance you can make the KTog at the Regal tomorrow (Tues) night? Hadn't realised theere was another poetry-lover amongst the Cambridge knitting crowd, my latest discovery is Alice Oswald.
Perhaps see you tomorrow night?


elly said...

Poor old love aren't you. Hope the writing it down helped. I heard the thing about 23rd Jan too. Seems a bit of a downer if that is your birthday.
Patience needed I think.Hope tomorrow is more positive.

Pig wot flies said...

Really? That's interesting. January is definitely my least favourite month. Too cold, too dark, one wonders if it's ever going to be warm and sunny again.
Yes Rosie, I'm coming tonight. See you then.

MonkeyPask said...

Hi Pigwot
Hope you are doping well - I am missing you at Jubilee - every now and again I think - where is Pigwat - I haven't seen her - then I remember where she is !
Lots of Love

Dotun said...

missiong you too

Anonymous said...

I'm going knitting tonight, too. See you there!
Mary de B
I wonder if I'm leaving 5 copies of this, as your machine keeps asking me for more and more secret words!

Dave Routledge said...

Hi Everyone.

RE:23rd Jan. "Officially the most miserable day of the year".

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad. Psalm 118:24

It is also my birthday.

God bless

Elly said...

Well said Dave. hope it was a good one.